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加拿大28预测怎么才能看得准新目标2012年中考七-九年级年级英语词组句型汇总<br/>2012年中考复习英语重点句型43个归纳<br/>1. as soon as 一……就<br/> He called me up as soon as he came back to Beijing.<br/> Please call me as soon as you finish your homework.<br/>2. not as/so ……as 和……一样;不如<br/> I think English is as important as math<br/> For me, basketball is as interesting as football.<br/>3. as……as possible 尽可能的<br/> Kids in the West usually get ready for as many gifts as possible.<br/> We should speak English as much as we can in class.<br/>4. be afraid of doing sth./that 害怕做某事、害怕担心<br/> Children are always afraid of the dark.<br/> I used to be afraid of the dark. However, I am not now.<br/>5. be busy doing 忙于做某事<br/> Mom is always busy cooking when I get home.<br/>People in Beijing are busy getting ready for the Olympic Games.<br/>6. be famous /late/ready/sorry for… 以……著名<br/> He hurried to school yesterday, but he was late for class.<br/> Look! The students are getting ready for the sports meeting.<br/>7. both…and… 两者都<br/> Students like both playing basketball and playing soccer.<br/> It's a good way to make both teachers and students happy.<br/>8. buy/give/show/send/pass/bring/lend/tell sb. sth. 为某人买某物<br/> If I were you, I'd give the money to charity.<br/> Yesterday Mary's mother bought her a new bike.<br/>9. give/show/bring/lend/send/pass/tell sth. to sb. 把…给某人<br/> Please give this book to him.<br/> When you get to your home, please send this letter to your pen pal.<br/>10. either…or 要么…要么<br/> We can't allow him to stay at home, or he will either watch TV or play games.<br/>We're going to the park this Saturday, either by bus or by bike.<br/>11. enjoy/hate/finish/mind/keep/go on doing 喜欢做某事<br/> I kept him reading the text so that he could recite it quickly.<br/> Would you please keep holding the picture for me?<br/>12. get+比较级 变得越来越……<br/> The weather is getting warmer and warmer.<br/> How do you feel now? Unfortunately, it's getting worse.<br/>14. get on with 与…相处<br/> It's hard to get on with a bad-tempered person.<br/>15. get ready for/ get sth. ready 为……作准备<br/> Look! The students are getting ready for the sports meeting.<br/> The next station is Dongdan. Please get ready for your arrival.<br/>16. had better (not) do 最好做、不做<br/> You'd better help your parents do some housework once a week.<br/> You'd better not spend more time on this kind of game.<br/>17. help sb. (to)do/help sb. with<br/> The boy helped the old man to carry a bunch of wood up the hills.<br/>He asked me to help him to solve the problem.<br/>18.don't think that 认为…不<br/> I don't think that they will give up the chance of being volunteers.<br/> I don't think that he is reading now.<br/>19. I would like to.../ would you like to...?我想做<br/> Would you like to lend me your bike?<br/> I would like to look up some new words in it.<br/>20. It takes sb. sometime to do sth. 花费某人...时间做某事<br/> It will take the workers two years to build the bridge.<br/> It took her 3 months to do this experiment.<br/> How long will it take the workers to rebuild the new school?<br/>21. It's bad/good for 对...有害处<br/> eating more fruit is good for health.<br/> Don't read in bed. It's bad for your eyes.<br/>22. It's important/impossible/impolite/difficult for sb. to do sth. <br/> 对于某人来说做...很重要的<br/> At school, it's very important for every student to keep their own classrooms clean and tidy.<br/>Although it is raining heavily, it looks that it's impossible for him not to finish the last 200 meters.<br/>23. It's time for .../to do sth. 对于...来说做...的时间了<br/> It's time for us to borrow books from the library.<br/> It's time for Tom to take medicine.<br/>24. It's two meters (years) long(old) 它两米长(两岁大)<br/> He is two meters tall.<br/> The river is twenty meters wide.<br/>25. keep sb. doing sth. 让某人一直做某事<br/> The headmaster kept me waiting for two hours last time.<br/> Why do you keep laughing all the time?<br/>26. keep/make sth. +adj. 让...一直保持...<br/> It's important for us to keep calm in danger.<br/> The movie was so sad that it made us cry.<br/>27. like to do /like doing 喜欢做....<br/> My younger sister likes singing and dancing very much.<br/> What kind of books does she like reading in her free time?<br/>28. make/let sb.(not)do sth. 让某人做/不做某事<br/> Make him not lend the book to my younger brother, he will break it.<br/>To learn English well, the teacher always makes us read aloud in the morning.<br/>29. neither...nor 既不...也不<br/> We should come to the party just that the right time, neither too early nor too late.<br/> It's neither too cold, nor too hot here all the year round.<br/>30. not... at all 根本不<br/> Although life is difficult, each of us doesn't want to give up our hope at all.<br/> Some have several girlfriends and others have none at all!<br/>31. not only... but also... 不仅...而且<br/> Mike not only finished doing his homework but also helped his sister with her English.<br/> Today some newly-produced mobile phones can be used not only for taking photos but also for downloading songs from the Internet.<br/>32. not... until 直到...才<br/> He didn't stop to have a rest until he finished cleaning the old man's room.<br/> I didn't understand my mother's love to me until I talked with her yesterday.<br/>33. one ...the other/ some ...others 一个…另一个;一些…另一些<br/> These are my two favorite books. One is called The Monkey King, the other is called Harry Potter.<br/> Some people say the Indian films are boring, but others say they are great.<br/><br/>34. see/hear sb. do (doing) sth. 看见某人做了/正在做<br/> I heard my parents quarreling after supper.<br/> I heard someone singing in the next room.<br/> I heard someone knock a the door when I was cooking.<br/>35. so... that 如此…以至于<br/> The noise outside was so big that we couldn't hear what the teacher said.<br/> Kate was so angry that she couldn't say a word.<br/>36. spend...on (in doing) sth. 在…方面花费<br/> He spent so much time (in) playing computer games that he was not interested in his lessons.<br/> She spends $100 on clothes every week.<br/>37. stop/prevent sb. from doing sth. 阻止某人做某事<br/> Nothing can stop me from going swimming this afternoon.<br/>For years, Mike has kept studying how to stop middle school students from losing themselves in net games.<br/>38. stop to do /doing 停下来去做某事<br/> The boss kept the workers working all the time until they finished all the work.<br/> Tell him not to stop to rest; it's important moment now.<br/><br/>39. take /bring sth. with sb. 随身携带<br/> Get the lunch which you take with yourself ready, it's time for a meal.<br/> My friend brought many chocolates with him to visit me.<br/>40. There is something wrong with... 出了问题/毛病<br/> There is something wrong with my TV, so we can't watch the match.<br/> There's something wrong with my computer. Can you help me?<br/>41. too...to 太…以至于不能…<br/> Hearing the news of successful launch of Shenzhou-7, many people were too excited to sleep the whole night.<br/> The box is too heavy for me to move.<br/>42. used to 过去常常<br/> She used to spend a lot of time playing computer games.<br/> There used to be a hospital.<br/>43. What about.../How about...? …怎么样呢?<br/> How about going out for a walk after supper?<br/> I 'm too busy to go to the movies with you today. How about tomorrow?<br/><br/>太长了,帖不上,发QQ我传给你。加拿大28预测怎么才能看得准西红柿炒鸡蛋,是许多家庭中一道普通的大众菜肴。简单易学,营养搭配合理。色泽鲜艳,口味宜人,爽口、开胃,深受大家喜爱。其营养价值丰富,具有营养素互补的特点以及健美抗衰老的作用。它热量不是很高,有利于减肥的人食用。<br/><br/>西红柿炒鸡蛋应该是很多人学会的第一道菜,从小到大,这道菜已经做了无数遍了吧,可能每个人的做法都有点不同,有人放糖有人不放,有人会把西红柿剥皮有人不剥等等,不管怎么样,做出自己喜欢吃的口味就好,下面把这道西红柿炒鸡蛋的做法分享给大家,供参考。<br/><br/>食材准备:西红柿、鸡蛋、葱、蒜<br/><br/>西红柿洗净切块、鸡蛋打入碗里加入适量盐打散搅匀、葱洗净切末、蒜切片<br/><br/>锅里倒油烧8成热倒入打好的鸡蛋翻炒<br/><br/>鸡蛋炒散炒熟后盛出备用<br/><br/>锅里倒入适量油,烧6成热后先倒入蒜、适量葱末、再倒入切好的西红柿翻炒<br/><br/>待西红柿变软加入炒好的鸡蛋<br/><br/>加入适量糖和盐翻炒均匀即可出锅装盘,撒上葱末点缀<br/><br/>香喷喷的西红柿炒鸡蛋就做好了